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        QCN Medical High-purity Nitrogen Generator

        QCN Medical High-purity Nitrogen Generator
        Detailed descriptions
         Capability and Characteristics 

                QCN series nitrogen generator is a high purity nitrogen generator, suitable for supplying nitrogen for the production of ampoule, vial and infusion in pharmaceutical industry, also it applies to foodstuff, biochemistry industry etc. It includes three sub-systems: compressed air post treatment system, PSA pressure transforming adsorption system and air fine filtering and sterilizing system.


        Performance and Features:
        1. The purity of nitrogen reaches 99.99% without pyrogen and bacterium, meets the requirement of international pharmaceutical "GMP" standard.
        2. Adopting the latest PAS nitrogen generating process, unique design of adsorber structure and completely polished stainless steel in order to make sure of production of high-purity nitrogen(purity is higher than international standard).
        3. Adopting international famous brand components to assure the long life of machine. 

        4. Adopting MITSUBISHI PLC and KY-2N analyzer, the whole system is under PLC automatic control and monitor, so that it doesn't need on-duty workers to watch and operate. According to the customers’ requirements, we can design advanced options: Man-Monitor-Interface, PLC, transformer digital design, all kinds of parameters display in-time dynamically, automatic monitoring.


        QCN-1 QCN-5 QCN-10 QCN-20
        Productivity 1m3/h 5m3/h 10m3/h 20m3/h
        Purity  ≥99.999% ≥99.999% ≥99.999% ≥99.999%
        Outlet Pressure  0.3Mpa(表壓) 0.3Mpa(表壓) 0.3Mpa(表壓) 0.3Mpa(表壓)
        Compressive air 0.4 m/min 0.81 m/min 2 m/min 3.6 m/min


        220V/50HZ 220V/50HZ 220V/50HZ 220V/50HZ
        Power(exclude air compressor) 1.2KW 1.25KW 1.5KW 1.8KW

        Overall size

        853×705×1500mm 1180×980×1950mm 1480×1180×2115mm 1800×1450×2400mm


        300Kg 700 Kg 1100 Kg 1600 Kg

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