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        "ChuTian" these two characters extract from Chairman Mao’s poem. 

        "Chu Tian" these two characters have two kinds of meanings,firstly it shows its regional characteristics and Hunan enterprises which depend on Hunan then go out of our country and face the world. Secondly, it shows its heroic will to realize the dream and pursuit as well as its magic to over come difficulties and surpass itself.


        Tru[Tru :]

        True: True

        King[ki?]a homophone for “sky” in Chinese, means monarch.

        “Truking” combines the homophone of "Chu Tian" in Chinese, means the true monarch that accord with the vision of company to be leader inthe Asia industry and even in the global world.



        The positive shape of logo looks like not only a brilliant diamond and but also a king's crown which means superior quality makes a king.
        It also expresses the "diamond quality" of Truking products, the willingness and determination of the enterprise to be the king of pharmaceutical machine empire.
        The negative shape of logo looks like an up ward arrow, it express company’s ambition which will not be afraid of hardship and strive for a higher goal and continuous break through.


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