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        NJP3200 Full-Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

        NJP3200 Full-Automatic Capsule…

        NJP2200 Full-Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

        NJP2200 Full-Automatic Capsule…

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        Invitation-The 56th National Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo (atautumnof 2018)

        Invitation Dear friends:Thankyou for your support to Truking FeiyunPharmaceutica…

        The first phase of the "green seedling program" is launched.

        On the morning of July 2nd,the opening ceremony of CollegeStudents' Training who…

        Integrating into the big family of Truking, the equipment of Truking Feiyun

        Integrating into Truking family, the equipment of Truking Feiyun hastaken a new …

        Welcome to Truking Exhibition, Germany, 2018

        Dear customer friend:Hello!The 32nd Achema Exhibition (GermanInternational Exh…

        All staff mobilization, Truking held funny games

        "Five" passions. In 2018, the Truking Technology funny gamesstarted With our co…

        Chongqing medicine machine exhibition

        The 55th NationalPharmaceutical Machinery Exposition and China International Pha…

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