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        Invitation-The 56th National Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo (atautumnof 2018)

        Date:2018/9/21 9:33:20 Reading:296


        Dear friends:

        Thank you for your support to Truking Feiyun Pharmaceutical Equipment (Changsha) Limitedfor many years! (Formerly Zhejiang Feiyun Technology Limited.)We sincerely invite you to visit and give your advice on our exhibition on the occasion of the 56thNational Pharmaceutical Machinery Expo (atautumnof 2018).

        Our company would like to provide you with accommodationas easy as possible. If you want us arrange accommodation for you, please contactwith our sales manager in reply with the attachmentincluding the information of number of participants and arrival time. Thank you for your cooperation!


        Addressof Wuhan exhibition center:No.619, Wuhan International Expo Center, Parrot Avenue, HanyangDistrict, Wuhan City, Hubei Province.

        Exhibition time: November 5th to 7th,2018

        Exhibition stage: A5-02, No.1, the hall of pharmaceutical machinery zone

        Hotel name: Zmax Carrey International Hotel

        Hoteladdress:No.408, GaoxinAvenue, EastLake high-tech Development Zone, Wuhan City, Hubei Province

        Hotel Tel: 027-87183888

        TrukingFeiyun contactor:Mrs. Cherry, Tel: 18570632717

        We are looking forward for you to attending our exhibition!


        TrukingFeiyun Pharmaceutical Equipment (Changsha) Limited

        (Formerly Zhejiang FeiyunTechnology Limited.)




        Please reply to sales manager before 20th October


        Company name


        Telephone number

        Number of participants

        Arrival time











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