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        The eighty-first China and international trade fair

        Date:2018/7/25 10:47:44 Reading:411

        The eighty-first China and international trade fair of raw materialsof pharmaceutical / Intermediate/packaging/equipment

        Sponsor: China Center for Food and Drug International Exchange, China Reed Exhibition Co; Ltd

        Time: 17th-19th October 2018
        Venue: Nanjing International Expo Centre (Hall 4-9)
        Summary of the exhibition:
        The 17th-19th  in October 2018 in Nanjing will have a big show in the history of China's pharmaceutical industry. The 22nd China International Pharmaceutical (Industrial) Exhibition and Technical Exchange (hereinafter referred to as CHINA-PHARM) and the 81st China International Pharmaceutical API/Packaging/Equipment Fair (hereinafter referred to as API China) will be jointly exhibited in Nanjing International Exposition Center. At that time, more than 60,000 elites from the global pharmaceutical, health care and cosmetics fields will gather in Nanjing, the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties to share the tremendous market opportunities brought by the vigorous development of China's big health industry.

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